Who am I?

I am an enthusiastic developer who loves learning new technologies.

Being involved in the community is also important to me. That's why I contribute to open source projects and have taken a strong leadership role in the DevICT developer group.

The Details

About Me

I have always prided myself in having a strong work ethic. My commitment to my work has always been a source of great honor, and something my previous employers have always admired.


See examples of my work spanning a variety of languages, including PHP, C++, Node.js, Ruby, and Python, ranging from desktop applications to web applications to command line utilities.


My full resume is available for review. Whether you're looking for contract work or full-time employment, my dedication, work ethic, and attention to detail make me a perfect fit for the job.


More than anything else, I love learning. Along with my own personal growth, I enjoy helping others learn. That's why I occasionally blog about the things I've done or new technologies I have stumbled across.

The Latest Posts

Invalidate Projectile Cache on Delete

Projectile is a staple of my emacs configuration. In my opinion, it is one of the all time best packages available, along with org-mode and magit.

One of my most commonly used commands with projectile is helm-projectile. This lets me locate any file in my project by pressing C-c p h. Using the narrowing abilities of helm, I can quickly filter the list of options to exactly the one I want.

Performing Controlled PHP Refactorings in Emacs

By day, I work as a PHP developer at Research Square. My time is spent developing new functionality for the RS suite of products. This may include working in greenfield code bases or extending our legacy products. In either case, dozens of times a day, I find myself performing various code refactorings.

Embedding Code Snippets in Org Mode

Without a doubt, Org Mode is one of the most impressive and versatile features of Emacs. Great for writing structured documents, managing lists and planning, and for exporting those documents into a variety of formats, it’s my go to tool for flexible, efficient editing.

Generate Daily Messages With Org Journal

One of the requirements of my job is to send out a daily message. This message should summarize what I did the day before, and what I hope to accomplish for the current day. At first, I would spend my day jumping from task to task, and then the next morning, I would rack my brain to make sure I included all the things I worked on.