Below are some of the projects I have worked on. This includes personal projects, open source contributions, and work done for various clients. The languages used include, but are not limited to PHP, Ruby, C++ and Node.js.

The Bug Genie - A friendly project management and issue tracking tool. PHP

The Bug Genie

The BugGenie was the first open source project I contributed to. It is an easy to use issue tracking / project management system, written in PHP.

I have contributed various improvements, including fixing invalid links on generated emails, inappropriate handling of various ajax requests, and a variety of CSS based improvements.

dotfiles - De rigueur dotfiles repository Misc.


What developer's github account would be complete without a dotfiles repo?

My dotfiles repository is structured to work with homeshick, a bash based management system for maintaing your .dotfiles. It includes the configurations for the tools I use most often, such as vim, tmux, zsh and irssi.

emacs configuration - Initialization files for the One True Editor. elisp


Developers love their editors. Typically, they love one to the exclusion of all others. But this is definitely not the case with me. In fact, you might say I have an editor addiction, having played with vim, Sublime Text, Eclipse, Netbeans, and of course emacs.

My emacs configuration includes elisp code to perform auto installation and updating upon start up, as well as customizations to various packages.

find.torrent - An API based service to search and download torrent files from various sources. PHP


This API service was developed in collaboration with my business partner Jacob Walker. It is a PHP based REST application, written using the BulletPHP framework, and using the HAL specification.

With this service, you can easily search for torrents from a variety of sources and process one for downloading.

ft-nodejs - A node.js frontend for interfacing with the find.torrent service. Node.js


The find.torrent service is a fantastic project, but on its own, it isn't very useful. There must be an application built to manipulate it's API.

ft-nodejs is a node.js project built to do exactly this. Using node.js, the jade templating engine, and socket.io, it providers a simple, clean interface to search for torrents from a variety of devices.

Git Talks - A couple of talks I presented to the UpFront Wichita developers group. git

Git: From Init Through Commit

This is the first talk I presented to the UpFront Wichita developers group. As an introduction to git, I cover the basics of initializing a repository, staging commits, performing resets, and how to use the different ignore strategies.

Git Part II: The Origin of Master

The second part of my git series addresses more of the concerns when working on git in a team dynamic. Some of the topics covered include merges, rebasing, log and blame, and how to perform a bisect.

gitlist - An elegant and modern git repository viewer. PHP


gitlist was built to be a modern web interface for multiple git repositories, using some of the latest frameworks, including Silex and Twig, with Twitter bootstrap for the design.

I have contributed a few patches to this project, such as better handling for raw resource viewing and correcting paths to various commit objects.

Natural Organic Warehouse - An organic products distributor for commercial and personal usage. PHP

Natural Organic Warehouse

Based on OpenCart, NOW is an e-commerce site built for a client of Tortugas Consulting. As well as acting as a catalog of products, the site also interfaces with AvalarTax for tax generation, UPS for generating shipping labels and requests, and Authorize.net for easy payment.

TimeIPS - An intelligent personnel system. PHP / C++


The TimeIPS intelligent personnel system is a PHP web-based application for automating time tracking and payroll calculations.

In addition to working on the PHP backend, I have also worked extensively with the C++ embedded clocking device which performs fingerprint biometric validation.

During my time, I also developed a cross-platform C++ QT application to allow clocking from the desktop, and designed the REST API used to communicate with the server.

timetrap - A ruby command line utility to track your time over various projects. Ruby


timetrap is a simple Ruby based command line application to track your time on various projects. This was the first Ruby project I have contributed to, implementing features such as a filter for viewing "todays" events, as well as a custom invoice generation formatter built with LaTeX.

UpFront Wichita - A Ruby on Rails site built for the local developer community group. Ruby

UpFront Wichita

The UpFront Wichita group is a new developer community for Wichita, Kansas. Originally conceived as a front-end developer group, it has quickly expanded to encompass all things technology related.

Our website is built using Ruby on Rails. I have contributed numerous features, such as OAuth based sign in, and aggregation for videos of the talks, as well as a list of member blog posts from different RSS feeds.

My YoungLife Wichita - Registration site for events and activities. Ruby

My YoungLife Wichita

YoungLife Wichita hosts a variety of activites and events for guests of all ages.

Built from scratch, this site is implemented in Rails 4 and includes automated backup, deployment, a fully functional administrative section and more.

YouTube DL GUI - A cross-platform C++ GUI built on top of the popular YouTube DL commandline script. C++

YouTube DL GUI

The wildly popular youtube-dl python script is an excellent tool for downloading and converting YouTube videos. While it is an awesome tool, it isn't the most user friendly tool for some people.

To make using it easier for my wife, I developed a cross-platform C++ QT GUI that drives the command line utility. Files can be downloaded as video only, audio only, or as both, and automatically converted into a variety of formats.

Emacs Packages - Contributions across a variety of emacs packages. elips


Projectile is a project interaction library for Emacs. Its goal is to provide a nice set of features operating on a project level without introducing external dependencies(when feasible).

I added some defadvice to the delete-file functionality that would remove the file from the cache automatically, preventing the user from having to manually invalidate everything in order to clean up the file list.


buster-mode is a minor mode for emacs to speed up development when writing tests with Buster.js.

My contributed was limited to a minor code improvement that replaced an unnecessary loop with a better built-in mechanism.


Emacs integration for gist.github.com

Fixed two long outstanding bugs; one was related to errors being generated when trying to add buffers associated with persisted files and the other was with private gists being reverted to public access.


Functions to maintain a simple personal diary / journal in Emacs.

I have contributed a few little patches to this project including fixing the ability to find previous journal entries with customized formats, view-mode toggling on and off, cleaning up lingering debugging statements and ensuring that the appropriate major modes were enabled prior to referencing their functionality.

powerline - Powerline is a statusline plugin for various command line utilities. Python


powerline has quickly become a favorite for command line lovers that want to jazz up their environments. My contribution included adding a segment that would show the number of users connected to the active tmux session.

php-refactor-mode.el - Minor mode to quickly and safely perform common refactorings elisp


Built on top of the php-refactoring-browser, php-refactor-mode.el allows a user to quickly perform automated refactorings from within emacs.

Vim vs Emacs Talk - Comparing the two great editors git

vim vs Emacs Part II

In the second half of this dual presentation, I talk about what I think makes emacs a great editor. Covering various packages such as helm, restclient and magit, it's a nice overview of the power of the The One True Editor.