About Me

A little background for the curious

Living in the Raleigh-Durham area, I work as a PHP developer at Research Square. In addition to my full time job, I also own Tortugas Consulting, LLC.

I share my life with my wonderful wife Whitney and two beautiful daughters, Madeline and Emily.

My Values

I have always loved learning. A large portion of my free time is spent pursuing a deeper understanding of core design principles, application architecture patterns, and researching various technologies. No matter how much I learn, I am never satisfied with what I have accomplished. There is always the desire to push my skills one step further.

Work ethic is extremely important to me, and something I take immense pride in. In an era where the older values are slipping away, I strive at all times to maintain a consistent, unwavering adherence to the principles on which I was raised. My previous employers, as well as my clients, have all commented on how well this shines through.


While I do spend as much time as possible refining my skills at home, I really want to work with a team of seasoned developers where I can continue to grow my knowledge base. My ideal job would be working at a place where testing is a focus, not an afterthought, and continual education for the team is a must. Large scale data and deploying code used by thousands of people would be a dream come true.

Even though I may not currently possess all the experience necessary to “run with the big dogs”, I am confident my eagerness to learn, coupled with my proven ability to quickly pick up new technologies, makes me well suited for any position.