A Look at Vim and Emacs

A friendly debate about the merits of the two best editors

Matthew M. Keeler

1 minute read

On Thursday, March 26th, 2015 my friend Jacob and I presented to DevICT on what we love about our editors of choice. Jacob covered vim and I spoke about emacs.

Performing Controlled PHP Refactorings in Emacs

Wrapping a command line tool in a convenient emacs package

Matthew M. Keeler

4 minute read

By day, I work as a PHP developer at Research Square. My time is spent developing new functionality for the RS suite of products. This may include working in greenfield code bases or extending our legacy products. In either case, dozens of times a day, I find myself performing various code refactorings.

Embedding Code Snippets in Org Mode

Better code editing experience when authoring documents

Matthew M. Keeler

1 minute read

Without a doubt, Org Mode is one of the most impressive and versatile features of Emacs. Great for writing structured documents, managing lists and planning, and for exporting those documents into a variety of formats, it’s my go to tool for flexible, efficient editing.

Generate Daily Messages With Org Journal

Automating standup notes for fun and profit

Matthew M. Keeler

5 minute read

One of the requirements of my job is to send out a daily message. This message should summarize what I did the day before, and what I hope to accomplish for the current day. At first, I would spend my day jumping from task to task, and then the next morning, I would rack my brain to make sure I included all the things I worked on.